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Disinfecting & Sanitizing Unit:
- Disinfecting & Sanitizing Unit to be located at top last intake   door before chute Vent.
- To be used weekly for cleaning & reducing the number of microorganisms to a safe level.
Degrease and Clean:
Use a degreasing chemical to break down grease. We recommend using a deodorizer for more smell improvement of the chute. A final power wash (typically pressurized spray at minimum 12 bars) removes the chemical cleaners and trash residue. This power wash should leave the garbage chute spotless.
Cleaning Frequency
Trash chutes should be cleaned at least twice per year, depending on how often residents use the trash chute. Garbage chute cleaning should be considered routine preventive maintenance.
Trash Compactors For High Rise Buildings:
- Model 400‐C5 Trash Compactor
- Model 600‐C5 Trash Compactor
Fully automatic – no need for manual operation.
Automatic shut down if system runs continuously for more than 30 cycles.
PLC controlled to allow for customized set up and interfacing with external control systems.
Fits most standard compaction containers ranging in sizes from 1 CY to 8 CY.
Shorter than conventional trash compactors.
Dual cross arm cylinder operation for greater compaction ratios when needed.
Heavy duty ¼” reinforced plate construction with abrasive resistant plate
45K / 45KSR Extruder Compactor
- 45KSR designed for small rooms.
- Ram retract switch and emergency stop.
- Single or Multi-Bag Operation


- Requires no control panel.
- Can be converted to container packer.
- Fire control (optional).
- Great versatility.
- Operation can be learned in minutes.
- Ram retract switch: Adjacent to door.
- Safe - no shearing required.
- Hopper slope 50 degree.
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