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Egytam considered as the oldest & the most professional company in garbage / laundry chutes systems.
Egytam represents Wilkinson Hi Rise* in Egypt since 2002 for their trash/laundry chutes, compactors and accessories.
Our experience in that field directed us normally to offer full calculations and effective solutions for total waste management systems as a development of our services. We work on developing waste management studies for each project as an individual case for an optimum handling solution.
You can depend on our technical stuff for assistance.
Committed to Environmental Performance …
Wilkinson Hi-Rise is the world's largest Trash and Linen Chute manufacturer. Established in 1923, Wilkinson Hi-Rise has become the leader in new products such as compactors, automated recycling systems and stainless steel architectural products. Wilkinson Hi-Rise has sales and service centers in Ohio, New York, California, Illinois and Florida; and a network of distributors nationwide that sell, install and service Wilkinson equipment. We offer intense recycling education geared towards architects, contractors, and homeowner associations. We also offer a full range of services such as odor control, compactor replacement, chute cleaning, and repairs.
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