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When the market demanded a chute in 2002, EGYTAM picked up the call. EGYTAM was the first specialized company for Garbage/laundry chute in Egypt. Since 2002 till present, we have worked on multiple mega projects in the Egyptian markets with the best consultants and construction companies in Egypt. EGYTAM, in fact, striving the best quality and material other than chutes manufactured by other companies. They were difficult to assemble, they clogged easily, and sometimes even broke because they were not made of durable materials.

However, no manufacturer offered a chute that solved these problems. So, EGYTAM decided to solve the problem ourselves, and construct our own chutes by making our partnership with Wilkisnon Hi-Rise (the best and oldest manufacturer for trash chutes since 1923), so the we got the best quality that would revolutionize the industry.
EGYTAM, also was the first company to introduce the Escape Chute as a new product to the Egyptian market, as an emergency exit for all types of buildings. EGYTAM – Axel Thomas Partnership was a part of our policy to supply highest quality products from all over the world to our markets.


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See for yourself why our chutes are a cut above the rest. Contractors choose EGYTAM because we created, designed, and patented chutes that solve common problems, and because we do not compromise the quality of the materials, we use in our manufacturing process. In fact, since 2002 we’ve led the industry in safety training and features, new product development, product improvement, customer education, training and support.
While we’ve grown in product line, personnel and territory since our start in 2002, we’ve remained dedicated and determined to keep a ‘family feel’ to our company. Our customers, our employees, our vendors, our reps…are all of vital importance to EGYTAM!


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