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Axel Thoms Lebensrettungseinrichtungen GmbH – Stationary Escape Chutes for fast evacuation

The vertical Escape Chute with inner spiral-shaped sliding layer has been used worldwide in a wide range of applications and design types for more than 35 years. The purpose of the Escape Chute is to facilitate autonomous evacuation in cases of emergency. The Escape Chute provides a controlled-descent, self-braking slide, widely independent from body size, weight or age and is also suitable for pregnant women or people with limited mobility (infants, wheelchair users, etc.).The descending speed is less than 2 m/s (~ 7 km/h or ~4 mp/h) – slower than modern elevators. Inside the Escape Chute it is as bright as outside. Sliding persons have sufficient space.

The Escape Chutes can be installed indoors or outdoors (terrace, roof, balcony or similar). Each system is a custom made solution designed and manufactured for the specific location. Consequently, there is usually no need for preparatory or follow-up works by other contractors.

- Our preventive maintenance program is designed to keep system qualified to save people.
- Warranty is Up to 15 years of warranty for the Escape chutes .