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Garbage & Laundry Chutes


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Wilkinson Hi-Rise Trash and Laundry Chutes and Trash Compactors

- Wilkinson Hi-Rise trash chutes are constructed of #16-gauge aluminized steel, galvanneal and several different grades of stainless steel. All of our equipment carries a one (1) year warranty.
- Wilkinson Hi-Rise standard trash chutes are 24” in diameter but can be customized to 22", 28”, 30” and 36” options. Sound dampening coating can be applied to outside of chute to minimize noise emitted by the chute. Further sound protection is provided by applying a “wrap” insulation to the exterior of the chute. The chute floor frames are typically equipped with vibration isolator pads at each floor connection point to isolate the chute from the floor of the structure.

The standard trash chute intake door is 15” x 18” bottom hinged hand operated. All doors are self-closing and bottom-hinged on a ½” steel pivot slot to prevent debris build-up Ventilation applied according to NFPA 82 Standards
½” IPS 165-degree sprinkler head with shield will be installed above the top intake, and additional sprinklers and shields will be installed at every other intake, as indicated by local fire codes.


For limited access, keyed cylinder locks can be added to the intake doors. To synchronize with Fire Alarm Systems or Building Management System , electrical Interlocks (EI) can be added to the intake doors. For more control and smart interaction , PLCs can be added.


Each chute should include a Disinfecting and Sanitizing (D&S) unit with a manually-adjusting valve to regulate amount of disinfectant applied to the interior of the chute, Programmable Wash can be added.

Optional Services

- Our regular maintenance program is designed to make our clients enjoying using our chutes.
- Ask for the Up to 10 years of warranty for the garbage and linen chutes.

Option IV


Trash Room Recommendation

  • Trash room is considered as one of the most hazard place inside the building for fire results of biological or chemical reactions.
  • The trash room should be equipped with fire rated self-closing doors, also we should take in consideration the door opening dimensions allowing the flexibility for containers displacement.
  • Easy access passage for containers movement out of the building
  • Room should be equipped with fire sprinklers and smoke &/or heat detectors connected to the BMS.